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Archive for 2013

unknown flower

I know this flower since I was a little kid, but until now I didn't know her name -_-
I used to called her onion flower, because they have same smell :-p
I took this picture in the morning, the day after I arrived at Bali from Bandung.
by the way, you can call me college girl now :-p
I already get an university (ITB at Bandung city) with undangan way, and that was awesome!!!
Why's that could be awesome?
becauseeee I don't need to study hard for sbmptn *LOL*
ok, that not the important point.
I get ITB thats mean I reach my dream. My first dream for college season :3
hard to leave Bali, and stay at Bandung for a while. but I must to.

and this is the best picture I took at that time *in my opinion*


jika kamu diberi bunga anggrek oleh pria idamanmu, bersyukurlah.
karena bunga anggrek melambangkan kelembutan, kebijaksaan dan kecantikan. dan bisa juga secara tidak langsung dia mengatakan bahwa dia berusaha menjadi pria yang tepat untukmu.

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